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DSCN0835.JPGMindwaves Goggles

In today's go-go, constantly wired world, it is very difficult for people to unplug, unwind, and get in touch with their inner selves.  Mindwaves Goggles are passive, low-tech Ganzfeld devices that helps people quickly and easily enter relaxed, meditative, and higher states of consciousness.

The Ganzfeld Effect

Historically, Arctic explorers were the first people to describe the Ganzfeld effect. After they gazed into a frosty field of snowy white, they reported experiencing a form of snowblindness.  Upon further research in the 1930's, it was discovered that when people gaze into a featureless field of vision (a Ganzfeld), they quickly and consistently enter a profoundly altered state.

When Ganzfelds have been tried by experienced meditators, they have described the effect as instant meditation. This is not surprising, since most forms of meditation require you to focus your attention on a spot, your breathing, a mantra, etc.  While traditional meditation can take many years of practice, a Ganzfeld works for most people in a matter of minutes.

The Effect Described

When someone is exposed to a Ganzfeld, they typically experience a progression of effects that can be described as follows:

  • All color drains from your field of vision
  • The size of your field of vision oscillates
  • You "see" a swirling Kaleidoscope of colors

Once this occurs, your mind is in an extremely focused state, and can be used in many useful ways.  To learn more about this, please see Uses for Mindwaves Goggles to continue.


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